Published on Nov 29, 2021 12:00 AM

How To Heal After Trauma and Loss

Creator of the SonRise Project, Kelli Richardson Lawson, introduces Beverly Kearney better known as "Coach Bev.” She’s an author, speaker and has a passion for coaching individuals to achieve their greatest successes. Among her many accolades, Bev is also mother to Imani Sparks. Bev adopted Imani after her mother died in a tragic car accident. The same one that left Bev injured and unable to walk for a significant period of time. In this podcast, Bev and Imani talk about weathering the storms of grief and loss together. The ups and downs of parenting through trauma and the subsequent mental health challenges Imani suffered as a teen and young adult. Bev bravely decided to let Imani forge her own path with respect and love while also allowing her room to grow. Both Bev and Imani are living examples that greatness is possible when we overcome the obstacles we face.

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