Published on Aug 28, 2023 12:00 AM

How Ballerina Ingrid Silva Learned to Defy Gravity

Hailing from modest beginnings in Rio de Janeiro, ballerina and activist Ingrid Silva discovered her aptitude for dance at the tender age of eight. In her conversation with Ashley, Ingrid describes feeling free the very first moment she stepped on stage. From there, the precocious but shy dancer promised herself she would push past her fears and be brave enough to follow her dreams. Ingrid’s gift took her all the way to New York City’s competitive Dance Theatre of Harlem where she faced many challenges including a culture shock, language barrier and homesickness. When the obstacles compounded and Ingrid reached a breaking point, her mother’s bold belief that she would succeed encouraged her to continue. Today as a seasoned dancer and working mother, Ingrid believes the unwavering support from her community has both sustained and propelled her into the life of her dreams.

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