Published on May 23, 2022 12:00 AM

Estelle Laid It All Down, and Received More

Ashley sits down with Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Estelle to talk about “the courage to lay it all down.” Estelle shares how losing her manager at a crucial time in her career led to a turning point. Like a rocket rising and watching the pieces fall away, she released harmful habits during this intense season of growth. Estelle says she steered herself out of her own way to make room for new experiences. She reveals what her parents’ rekindled romance taught her about time and growth, how she manifested a role on the animated series Steven Universe and why she checks in with herself to make sure she’s always pursuing quality projects. In this new season of life, Estelle is all about remaining intentional and moving with the divine order. Now armed with an attitude of abundance, she’s no longer “strengthening” her way through, but confidently turning things down to receive more.

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