Published on Dec 20, 2018 12:00 AM

Cicely Tyson

Oscar-, Emmy- and Tony-Award winning actress Cicely Tyson is a living legend whose remarkable dedication to what she calls her “life's purpose” is reflected on film, in television and on Broadway. Cicely says she decided early on that her work would be more than a job: she'd use her opportunities to help make a difference. Cicely looks back on her iconic career, explaining how she prepared for her most recognized role, that of Binta, Kunta Kinte’s mother, in the epic historical miniseries "Roots." "No matter where I go in the world, they will say to me, 'Roots!'" Cicely says. Cicely reflects on her Oscar-nominated role in “Sounder” and her Tony-winning role in Broadway’s “A Trip to Bountiful.” Cicely also explains says that even from the time she was a young girl, she always felt she had a sixth sense. She says could tell when something was going to happen in her family. Although her intuition worried her at first, Cicely shares how she learned to embrace what she calls “her divine guidance."

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