Published on Aug 22, 2022 12:00 AM

Christina Elmore on The Beauty of The Plan

Insecure(HBO) &Twenties(BET) actress Christina Elmore has always had a game plan for her career, but now she’s learning how to let the cards fall where they may. Ashley and Christina, who’s also one of her very best friends, dig deep into what it means to let go of unrealistic expectations and allow your most authentic self to emerge. Like most black and brown women, Christina has faced pressure to be everything to everyone throughout her life. As a self-proclaimed planner and overachiever, Christina has found this constant need to over perform and people please damaging. She discloses how she protected her mental health amidst harsh criticism about her body after returning to theInsecureset just six weeks after giving birth. Christina reveals how motherhood and the “fourth trimester” has helped her navigate uncertainty and release the need to control every detail of her life. Christina also opens up about learning to love her postpartum body and embracing where God has her now.

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