Black Women: Know That You Deserve the Best of Care

In this video, Dr. Kameelah Phillips, a board-certified OB-GYN and mother of three, explains why she chose her career path: "Like many of you, I was raised by wonderful Black women who were integral to my health and development," Dr. Phillips says. "When they were healthy, I lived my best life."

We know that Black birthing people face bigger challenges, and the risk knows no educational, socioeconomic, or geographic bounds. We know the medical establishment is flawed. We know that bias and racism affects our care. So what can we do? Here's what Dr. Phillips recommends:

Know your cardiovascular risk prior to and during pregnancy.
Know your numbers: Buy a blood pressure cuff today.
Communicate with your healthcare provider, and make sure your questions are answered.
Partner with an OB-GYN and a cardiologist to make sure you stay safe during pregnancy.

You deserve the best of care.

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