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Pat Smith Is Through Being "Support Staff" for Her Husband
Pat Smith Confronts Emmitt about Feeling "Pushed Aside"
Emmitt Smith Comes Through, Giving Pat Center Stage

Being married to NFL legend Emmitt Smith comes with countless demands and excitement, but his wife Pat Smith has this fast-paced life figured out. In fact, she's ready for a new challenge to kick her life into a higher gear. With their five kids in school every day, Pat is primed to step out of Emmitt's shadow. With 15 years of marriage acting as the bedrock of her and Emmitt's blended family, Pat feels it's finally time to make herself a priority. She is definitely over following Emmitt to event after event while being pushed to the side for photo ops and ready to pursue her own opportunities. A former beauty queen, she's been a cheerleader for everyone else for too long and is done standing on the sidelines!

Pat wants her turn in the spotlight, and asks Emmitt to stand by her side as she follows her dreams. The problem is that Emmitt strongly believes in a traditionally run family, where the husband takes care of the household financially while the wife is the main support for the "team." Pat constantly challenges Emmitt on their roles within the family structure. Emmitt loves his wife, but since he doesn't always see that she is stifled in the background, he struggles to welcome change.

When Pat has the opportunity to return to modeling on the fashion runway, she's ready for her moment to shine. After recently following Emmitt around a Dallas Cowboys luncheon in which he received an award, Pat feels as though this is the perfect chance for Emmitt to return the favor. Although Emmitt agrees to attend the event to support his wife, there are questions as to whether or not he will actually arrive. Will Emmitt be able to make time in his busy schedule to stand behind his wife during her time in the spotlight, or will Pat find herself sidelined yet again?