Emmitt Smith Comes Through, Giving Pat Center Stage

Aired on 03/26/2016 | CC tv-pg
Lately, there has been trouble in paradise at the home of Mrs. and Mr. Smith. Pat has been struggling with feeling underappreciated for the concessions she has made for her family, including giving up a career in fashion in order to raise the children. Now that Pat has set her mind on making a comeback on the runway, she needs her husband to support her career the way she has always supported his—even if that means Emmitt will have to make some sacrifices.

Pat and Emmitt go out for lunch to discuss the changing dynamic of their relationship and to see if they can agree on a way forward. "If there's something you want to do, I want to see you and I take it on together," says Emmitt to his wife. Pat had been holding out hope that Emmitt would come around and show her that he's got her back, and now that he's said it out loud, she couldn't be happier.

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