Why the Peetes Renewed Their Vows After 10 Years of Marriage

Aired on 01/29/2007 | CC tv-pg
Hitting the 10-year mark is a significant accomplishment in any marriage, but for a Hollywood marriage, it's especially worthy of celebrating. In 2006, Rodney and Holly proudly commemorated their decadelong union by renewing their vows in Las Vegas with their four children in tow. Holly saw the renewal as an opportunity to reconnect with her husband on a deeper level after his retirement from the National Football League.

"We had had, sort of, separate lives in a way," Holly told Oprah. "Our priorities were different. We had to get another set of rules going for this next decade of marriage."

The couple also revealed how day-to-day life had changed for their family since Rodney was spending much more time at home rather than being absent from July to January during the NFL season.

Original airdate: January 29, 2007