Why Oprah Says, "All Pain Is the Same"

In a 2003 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah interviewed six women who were raped while attending the Air Force Academy. Despite the code of silence that often pressures women with various consequences to keep quite about sexual assault, these survivors chose to speak.

Personally touched and bolstered by these brave women, one audience member thanked Oprah after the show for sharing their stories and others like them. Having experienced a very different tragedy when she lost her baby daughter in a car accident, the strength of the Air Force women who had endured the unthinkable themselves helped her to find the strength to speak about the importance of car seat safety and begin to heal.

Oprah expressed how "all pain is the same," even if it is experienced in different degrees. "You've taken the spirit of your daughter and turned that pain into power," Oprah told the audience member.

Watch as Oprah explains to the bereft mother how sharing her story was preventing similar accidents from happening to others.