Why Oprah Casts Her Votes on Behalf of Otis Moss Sr.

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The struggle for equality and civil rights is an important and constantly evolving part of the American story. It is important to remember that many groups who now enjoy the vote were not always extended that right.

In 2004, Oprah taped an Oprah Show episode titled "Oprah's Voting Party" with the express purpose of educating people on the importance of voting and motivating them to go and make their voices heard. For Oprah, voting was about more than simply taking part in fundamental civic culture; it also carried significant symbolic weight for her personally.

After the show, Oprah recalled an inspiring story the Rev. Otis Moss once told about his father's experience trying to vote as an African-American man in the Jim Crow South. Oprah said that ever since hearing that story, she casts each ballot on behalf of Otis Moss Sr.—a man who had an unparalleled determination to enjoy his hard-earned suffrage.

Find out why Oprah always votes with Otis Moss Sr. in her heart.