Why Celine Dion Doesn't Like Getting Pampered

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After a 2004 taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah and singing sensation Celine Dion talked frankly about some of the luxuries of life, like massages and pedicures. As it turns out, Celine is not a fan of massages, and when it comes to pedicures, Celine said, "I prefer to do my own."

She went on to explain that because her profession requires constant attention to her appearance, when she's finally home, nothing sounds better than hanging out barefoot in her pajamas. Oprah could relate to getting tired of the hair, makeup and wardrobe maintenance—but she drew the line when Celine suggested a less-appealing alternative.

Find out what Celine said that prompted Oprah to earnestly reply, "I'm sorry. I'm not going there with you."