The Meaning Nate Berkus Found After Surviving the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

In 2004, designer Nate Berkus was vacationing in Sri Lanka with his partner, photographer Fernando Bengoechea, when a tsunami struck the island. The disaster claimed Fernando's life and left Nate devastated and grief-stricken. In 2005, Nate made his first appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show since the horrific ordeal, and talked about his harrowing experience.

The cameras kept rolling after the show as Nate elaborated on the meaning he drew from the tragedy. "I do believe that I survived so that I would have a greater understanding both of what I've had, what I've lost, and what I still have to gain," Nate said.

Watch as Nate opens up about his grief and speculates about why his life was spared.