What Mispronouncing "Canada" on TV Taught Oprah

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After a 2002 taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah regaled her audience with stories about the early experiences that led her to become a successful television presence. In her sophomore year of college, Oprah said, she repeatedly turned down a job in television in order to focus on school. After telling her drama coach about the opportunity, he told Oprah to call them back immediately, pointing out to her, "That is why people go to school, fool!"

In her first TV job, Oprah did her best impersonation of legendary journalist Barbara Walters—until an on-air gaff taught her the importance of being herself. Watch as she opens up about that embarrassing (but formative) moment. Plus, learn Oprah's secret for not breaking into the "ugly cry" during emotional interviews.