What Michelle Obama Tells Young Couples About Marriage

Aired on 05/02/2011 | CC tv-pg
What does Michelle Obama know for sure about marriage? Enough to make it look easy, certainly. Yet, when Oprah asked the first lady about her lessons in love in 2011, Michelle's candid response revealed that even easy-looking marriages are anything but.

As Michelle said back then, she'd tell young couples in particular that marriage is a tough road, and that it requires something important to survive the "highs and lows."

"It has to be a true partnership, and you have to really, really like and respect the person that you're married to," the first lady said. "If in the end, you can look him in the eye and say, 'I like you,' and, you know, I stopped believing in love at first sight. I think you go through that wonderful love stage, but when it gets hard, you need a little bit more."

Original airdate: May 2, 2011

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