What Former President Bill Clinton Did to Save His Marriage

Aired on 06/22/2004 | CC tv-pg
World leaders aren't immune to the relationship problems that affect us all.

Following the Monica Lewinsky scandal that nearly sunk his presidency, President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary were facing a question a lot of married couples have faced: How do we save this relationship? For the Clintons, marriage counseling was the answer. The former president said he doesn't regret a second of it.

"Let's suppose it hadn't worked out, and we'd gotten a divorce," Bill Clinton said "I would still be profoundly grateful that I did the counseling, because I think what happens is a lot of people who love each other a lot, still they fall into routines and patterns and habits in their relationship."

Watch as Mr. Clinton shares how this process of self-discovery changed his life in the deepest way imaginable.

Original airdate: June 22, 2004