This Raven-Symoné Video Is the Cutest Thing You Will See All Day

Aired on 11/02/1989 | CC tv-pg
Raven-Symoné didn't seem nervous when she bounded onstage for her Oprah Show appearance in 1989. The 3-year-old had been recently cast in The Cosby Show as Olivia Kendall and was there to promote the show alongside her co-stars Bill Cosby and Keshia Knight Pulliam. When Oprah started asking questions, however, the pint-size actress clammed up.

"Did you know Mr. Cosby before you got this job?" Oprah asked.

"Yes," Raven-Symoné said.

"Did you watch the show?"


"And did you see [Keshia's character] Rudy on the show a lot?"


Bill Cosby cut in. "Wait, wait one second. You've got to say more than 'yes.' So, just go ahead and loosen up. And you know what I'm saying?"

Letting loose with his trademark laugh, the comedy legend said to Oprah, "It's funny to see this because she's tightened up. And she doesn't tighten up around us. It must be you."

Later in the interview, the child star had no trouble coming up with an answer when Oprah asked her for the best part of working on The Cosby Show.

"The best part is..." she said, trailing off as she thought about it. Then she delivered her answer with a smile: "Bill Cosby."

Watch the video above to see Raven-Symoné's adorable interview for yourself.

Original airdate: November 2, 1989

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