This Is What Happens When a Professional Organizer Moves In to Your House

Aired on 01/11/2010 | CC
Steve and Rhonda's marriage was on shaky ground. They had a 5-year-old son, Drake, and Rhonda's 15-year-old son, Blake, from a previous marriage. Their home was cluttered, and, worst of all, as they became more connected technologically, they were increasingly more disconnected from one another emotionally.

Organizational expert Peter Walsh said he had the answer. He challenged Steve, Rhonda, Drake and Blake to spend one week cutting out anything that made them feel disorganized or disconnected. To help, Peter moved in to their house for a week, getting to know the family and monitoring their progress. Watch as Peter unplugs their devices and cleans up their lives.

Original airdate: January 11, 2010