This Mom's 2-Hour Big Hair and Makeup Routine

Aired on 05/20/1999 | CC tv-pg
Every morning, stay-at-home mom Laurie wakes up two hours before her three kids to put on her makeup. Her elaborate routine includes covering her freckles in heavy foundation, smoking out her eyes in dark shadow and lining her lips in layers of lipstick. "I like to put a lot of everything on because when I go out, I want people to know I'm wearing makeup," she says. "I like to be noticed."

To finish her look, Laurie teases her hair with a comb, spritzes it with hairspray and blasts it with a blow dryer for the ultimate height. "I've been teasing my hair like this since high school," she says.

With her sister's encouragement, Laurie undergoes a modern makeunder that brings her look straight into 1999.