This Moment Perfectly Sums Up George Michael's Legacy

Aired on 05/26/2004 | CC tv-pg
Editor's note: We were deeply saddened to learn of George Michael's passing. This is a moment from his May 2004 interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Pop superstar George Michael revealed his sexual orientation in 1998 shortly after he was caught engaging in a sexual act by an undercover police officer in a Beverly Hills restroom.

Some may have shrunk away from the limelight after such a discovery. George, on the other hand, used it as an opportunity to come out to the world. Later, in a 2004 interview with Oprah, George made it clear he wasn't concerned about losing fans over the announcement.

"Are you worried about American fans—now, even, with this new album—accepting you as a gay artist?" Oprah asked.

George took a moment to think about it. "I'm not really interested in selling records to people who are homophobic, really," he said, to enthusiastic applause from the audience. Watch as the best-selling songwriter goes on to explain why he doesn't seek the approval of people who don't approve of him.

Original airdate: May 26, 2004