The Secret That Oprah Hid for Years—and the Aftermath of Its Exposure

On a 2004 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, several guests openly discussed their struggles with overcoming the secret lives they had led. After the show, one guest in particular, still distraught over the shame she felt for having led a double life and for having deceived her friends and family, found an ally in Oprah.

"Everybody has something in their closet," Oprah said.

To illustrate her point, Oprah opened up to the studio audience about her own huge secret, which had been aired publicly. After being sexually abused, Oprah had carried the resulting pregnancy to term. Then, only two weeks after the birth, her baby had passed away. Oprah voiced the fear she had lived with for years: She had been afraid of being abandoned by her loved ones and those who looked up to her if they were to find out. However, when the story did finally come out, Oprah said, she had been surprised by what happened next.

Watch to find out what she learned about herself and those who truly cared about her.