The Peetes' Strategy for Keeping the Spark Alive

Aired on 01/29/2007 | CC tv-pg
After four children and a decade of marriage, Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete had to devise creative ways to keep their romantic spark alive. During a 2007 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Holly shared one of the couple's favorite strategies with Oprah: "We do hotel runs."

After tucking in their kids, the couple would have a friend or family member stay over with the little ones while they escaped for a romantic overnight getaway at a nearby hotel. "For one night [we go out] and just pretend, you know, we just got married and don't have any kids," Holly said.

Oprah was impressed that Holly and Rodney managed to schedule these intimate trysts at least once a month. Still, Holly and Rodney were dedicated to trying to find the time. "It keeps it fresh," Holly said.

Original airdate: January 29, 2007