The Mother Who Was Addicted to Plastic Surgery

Aired on 02/08/2005 | CC tv-pg
Jenny Lee Burton's obsession with plastic surgery started with one critical comment from her ex-husband.

"My ex-husband told me that my nose was too big, that my boobs were too small, so eventually I got a boob job to stop the comments, and just moved from a bad relationship with him to a bad relationship between me and my reflection," she said.

After the divorce, plastic surgery became a full-blown obsession for Jenny. By the time she was 28 years old, she had spent $80,000 on 26 surgeries. Watch the video above and find out the real reason this self-professed "slave to the scalpel" was fixated on her imperfect (as she saw it) reflection.

Original airdate: February 8, 2005

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