Check Out This Awful (But Hilarious) '90s Blind Date

Aired on 04/18/1990 | CC
In 1990, The Oprah Winfrey Show apprehended the sometimes fraught but never-dull topic of dating service experiences. One disenchanted customer of the rapidly growing dating industry named Maggie Powers wrote a letter to the show recounting the rendezvous that put her off of dating services for good. Before they even met, her slovenly date stuck out in the well-dressed crowd causing Maggie to joke to herself about how unfortunate it would be should she have to "endure a meal with this creature."

As (bad) luck would have it, Maggie did end up enduring a meal with the hirsute man whose table manners she described as being "something special," proving once and for all that dating isn't a perfect science no matter the decade.

Original airdate: April 18, 1990