Teenager Who Loves Dressing Like a "Freak" Gets a Makeover

Aired on 09/21/1993 | CC
With her green hair, nose piercing and fake tattoo, Jocelyn's rebel fashion choices attract a lot of attention. "People might consider me a freak, but I like that," she says. "It doesn't bother me."

Her mom, however, is definitely bothered. She worries what people say about her 14-year-old daughter's "outlandish" outfits. "I think I overreact a lot to the things that she wears," Beverly admits. "It's really hard when it's your own daughter."

With Oprah's help, she gives Jocelyn a head-to-toe makeover. Beverly is thrilled with her daughter's new look—but what does Jocelyn have to say?