Supermodel Tyra Banks Makes Over Her Mom

Aired on 02/16/2001 | CC
Supermodel Tyra Banks' mother hasn't updated her look in quite a while. For something like 40 years, Tyra said, her mom wore her hair pulled back and tied together with a bun extension. Recently, she stopped putting much effort into her appearance, going so far as to wear sweats all day long.

"She's always thinking about everyone else, and she doesn't think about herself anymore," Tyra said. "Her life is me and my brother and her granddaughter, and she's just forgotten about herself."

Tyra remembers the days when her mother wore bright colored blazers and black slacks, and she wants to transport her back to those fashionable times. Watch as the internationally renowned model gives her mother a makeover fit for the stars.

Original airdate: February 16, 2001