Look Back on Oprah's Tech Giveaways Through the Years

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Nowadays, we can stream tens of thousands of songs instantly from a myriad of devices, call up hundreds of best-sellers on our e-readers, and surf the net on cell phones that are exponentially more powerful than the desktop computers of yore. It's easy to forget that this sea change in consumer electronics took place in something like 15 years.

Want proof? Look no further than Oprah's Favorite Things. Now, 20 years after the debut of the popular segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show, we've made a supercut featuring some of the "impressive" tech giveaways of yesteryear that had the country shrieking in excitement. From flip phones that took digital photos to a "wireless emailer at your fingertips," these devices couldn't fetch a nickel at a garage sale today—but a few years back they blew our minds. Watch the video above to see just how far we've come.