Sportscaster Erin Andrews on the Nude Video Scandal

Aired on 09/11/2009 | CC tv-pg
In 2008, Erin Andrews experienced what many would see as a living nightmare. The sportscaster and Dancing With the Stars co-host was traveling for work when a serial stalker secretly recorded her changing in two hotel rooms. After trying to sell it, he posted the footage online, and while her lawyers attempted to have the clip removed from every corner of the Web, it will never completely disappear.

One year later, she shared her side of the story exclusively on The Oprah Winfrey Show. As you will see in the video above, she told Oprah about the dread-filled moment her friend asked her to open her laptop because there was a nude video of her circulating.

"There started to be talk. I opened up my computer. I could feel my heart pounding, saw it for two seconds and got hysterical," Erin said, recalling how she knew instantly that the video was authentic.

Here, Erin tells her story.