Pop Singer Charice Recalls a Dark Moment from Her Past

Aired on 09/09/2008 | CC tv-pg
Charice Pempengco's dreams were coming true. Dubbed by Oprah as "the most talented girl in the world," the pint-size pop singer was booking concerts, singing duets with her idols and touring the globe. However, she encountered many obstacles on her way to the top.

Returning to her hometown in the Philippines for the first time in 13 years, Charice reflected on her intense memories of growing up with an abusive father in a poor community. "I just saw the house, and I don't think I can go inside because I can feel the nerves in my heart," Charice said, trying to hold back tears.

In the above video, Charice takes a trip through her past and reflects on a disturbing event from her childhood and how it made her closer with her mother.

Original airdate: May 22, 2006

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