Queen Latifah's Dating Advice: "Do Your Thing"

Aired on 01/23/1995 | CC
In 1995, Oprah invited some of TV's biggest stars who happened to be single to impart their dating advice to the viewers. One audience member, Elizabeth, told the star panel that she had two very different boyfriends, and wanted guidance about which of her suitors she should choose.

First, Queen Latifah acknowledged the elephant in the room: "Do they know about each other?"

Elizabeth said that they did; however, she stated that her boyfriend of two years didn't want a commitment, so Elizabeth saw that as a green light to date the other boyfriend, whom she had only known for a few weeks. The longtime boyfriend was stable and secure, but the newcomer was spontaneous and fun. Elizabeth didn't know what to do.

Queen Latifah, who was starring in the sitcom Living Single at the time, told Elizabeth that she shouldn't feel the need to rush into anything. "I don't think you have to make a decision," Queen Latifah said. "You should just do your thing. Have fun. It's the '90s."

Original airdate: January 23, 1995