Oprah and Professional Organizer Peter Walsh Take On an Astonishingly Messy SUV

Aired on 03/18/2009 | CC tv-pg
When an Oprah Show audience member stood up in 2009 to ask organizing expert Peter Walsh about ways to keep her car free of clutter, she thought he'd share a few useful tips for her on-the-go family. What he did instead left her—and the rest of the audience—speechless.

What Lynne and her husband, TJ, didn't know was that Peter and Oprah secretly had the couple's disastrously messy SUV shipped to Harpo Studios. After Lynn asked her question, Oprah revealed the car, and the world saw the family's dirt-covered vehicle on The Oprah Show's stage.

Oprah and Peter invited the couple onstage and began sifting through the mess. "What we have here is an archaeological dig, as you can see, from top to bottom," he said. "There's probably even a small child in the back here!"

Exactly how bad is the mess? From sneakers to a Crock-Pot to piles of clothing, find out what other clutter comes tumbling out of the car!

Original airdate: March 18, 2009

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