Oprah's Very Close Encounter with Bubba the Alligator

Season 7
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In 2002, Steve Irwin, the beloved host of The Crocodile Hunter, visited the set of The Oprah Show to speak about wildlife conservation and show off a few of his favorites animals.

Oprah ventured a bit outside her comfort zone to rub elbows with one impressive, scaly new friend. With his signature exuberance, Steve trotted out Bubba—an 8-foot-long, 225-pound alligator—onto the main stage. Initially, Oprah gave Bubba a wide berth while Steve got up close and personal with the massive animal.

"See how they walk? Just like a dinosaur!" Steve marveled.

Oprah declined to give Bubba a smooch on the lips—she left that to Steve—but she worked up enough courage to share a once-in-lifetime hug with the friendly beast. It was an experience she'll never forget.