Oprah Turns a Meditation Session into One of Her Biggest OFT Surprises

Aired on 11/19/2010 | CC tv-pg
During the "Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things" episode of The Oprah Show in 2010, Oprah kicked off her show by explaining the importance of giving back. She told her guests that one of the best ways to prepare for giving is through meditation—and suggested that they all join her in doing some. Seemingly caught off guard, the audience appeared unprepared for the impromptu meditation session, but that was merely the calm before the storm. Having toyed with her guests long enough, Oprah finally revealed that they were in line for her Favorite Things, tearing off her black dress to expose a festive red gown and gesturing behind her as the sober mock set pulled away to unveil the brightly colored Favorite Things set. Here, watch as the audience erupts in an ecstatic frenzy.