Oprah to Her Hairstylist: "Your Job Is Secure"

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By 2003, Andre Walker had been doing Oprah's hair for 18 years. After one taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show, he joined her and Gayle King on the set to talk about styling. After praising Oprah's hairdos through the years, Gayle reminded the audience of a not-so-great period of Oprah hairstyles, or what she referred to as Oprah's "Elizabeth Taylor era."

Then, Oprah brought up the importance she put on maintaining healthy hair while still wearing it the way she liked, which, Oprah stressed, was a difficult task for an African-American woman, as it required a lot of damaging heat on her hair.

"God loves us all the same—he did not give us the same hair, however," she said before revealing some of the great advice for black women's hair that she'd learned from Andre over the years.

Oprah will be paying tribute to Andre on Oprah: Where Are They Now? Saturday, October 10, at 10/9C on OWN.