Oprah Teases Patti LaBelle About Her Exercise Routine

In 2003, Dr. Andrea Pennington and Oprah's personal trainer, Bob Greene, discussed the health hazards facing men and women and the best ways to prevent them. Singer Patti LaBelle opened up about the major life changes she went through since learning she had type 2 diabetes.

After the show, Dr. Pennington asked Patti about how much she was exercising each week. Patti said she would take her dogs for walks, but Dr. Pennington and Bob explained that she needed more vigorous exercise to elevate her heart rate. Patti swore that she "worked up a sweat" when she walked her dogs to the corner, and that she was exercising four times a week.

"You are my friend, but I don't believe a word you're saying," Oprah said.

Watch as the two friends share a few laughs while Dr. Pennington and Bob counsel them on their nutrition and fitness goals.