Oprah Poses as an Oprah Winfrey Look-Alike

Aired on 11/03/1994 | CC tv-pg
Yabush Famous Faces was a celebrity look-alike agency. One day, a woman who looked exactly like Oprah Winfrey came by the office to audition for the part. The manager was unavailable that day, so he had two temps sit in for him. They welcomed the fake Oprah into the office, and one woman even took it upon herself to coach the eager applicant on how to capture Oprah's mannerisms and unique energy.

Yet, all was not as it seemed to those unsuspecting temps. In fact, there was no such agency as Yabush, and the Oprah impersonator who strolled into the office that day was the real Oprah. And, there was a hidden camera in the office capturing every hilarious moment.

Watch to see how the temps reacted when Oprah broke the news.

Original airdate: November 3, 1994