Oprah and Kirstie Alley Fawn Over John Travolta

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In 2004, Oprah and actress Kirstie Alley continued their interview after the show, when Oprah brought up Kirstie's longtime friend and frequent co-star John Travolta. The two gushed over the charming actor and his unique ability to genuinely give anyone his wholehearted attention.

"You sit him at a dinner party and he is as interested in the guy who's serving the food as he is the person who's sitting next to him," Oprah said.

Although Kirstie confessed feeling envious over John's adoration of Oprah, both women agreed that they couldn't get enough time with the Hollywood icon. Find out what unorthodox solution Kirstie proposed to meet their Travolta needs—and what led her to exclaim, "He's like having a pony!"