Dr. Phil: "Don't Let Monsters Live in the Dark"

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In 2001, Oprah and Dr. Phil started off Season 16 with a challenge for 42 people who were ready to turn their lives around. In a two-part episode, the group of 42 spent five full days in lockdown with Dr. Phil, who attempted to change each person's mind-set so that they could finally begin accepting and overcoming their individual fears and anxieties.

One audience member, having experienced recurrent lymphoma, spoke up and admitted to living life in anticipation of the next devastating diagnosis. She asked Dr. Phil how to eliminate this type of fear in order to fully enjoy life.

Dr. Phil explained that overcoming the fear of the future has everything to do with "how you play the what-if game." In the above video, Oprah recounts a time when this exact advice helped her through one of her greatest personal struggles.