Why Oprah Said to This Woman, "You Define the Art of Procrastination"

Aired on 03/16/1995 | CC tv-pg
It's one of the many reasons you loved The Oprah Winfrey Show: audience participation.

In an episode that aired 20 years ago this week, Oprah playfully engaged her audience in a conversation about overcoming bad behaviors. As usual, Oprah was clever, candid and curious, and her audience members were fascinating in their own right.

One woman stood up and said she would like to stop procrastinating. "I've been going to school now since 1979, and I'm still a freshman," she said, smiling—in 1995.

Oprah, who had also admitted to being a bit of a procrastinator, was slack-jawed. "Well, let us just say—I can't resist this—you define the art of procrastination," she said.

Then, Oprah, in that unique style that made her famous, asked more probing questions, digging deeper to discover why it was taking this woman so long to progress in her education. Plus, watch as Oprah chats with two other women struggling with their own unwanted behaviors.

Original airdate: March 16, 1995