One Woman's Amusing Reaction to Seeing Oprah in a Bathroom

Celebrities in their day-to-day lives rarely behave the same way as they do on TV, especially when they're, say, using a public restroom. As Oprah recalls in this audience Q&A, one woman took her to task for not being her gregarious, high-energy on-air self while they were both washing their hands in the ladies' room at O'Hare International Airport.

"Well, you're not acting like you do on TV," Oprah says, assuming the stranger's irritated tone and demeanor as she recalls her words for the audience. "On TV, you're hugging everybody and laughing and talking, and I've been standing here for 10 minutes, and you ain't said anything to me."

Here, Oprah cracks up her studio audience as she regales them with the awkward exchange and reveals her reaction to the woman's unexpected accusation.