Nicole Kidman: Meryl Streep Is the Reason I'm an Actress

Aired on 11/09/2002 | CC tv-pg
Sometimes, a role model can become a peer. For Nicole Kidman, her friend and colleague Meryl Streep is the woman she has looked to for guidance, whether Meryl has known it or not.

During a 2002 Oprah Show appearance by Meryl, Nicole and Julianne Moore, Nicole said that Meryl Streep was the reason she became an actress. "For me, it was like here's a woman who has integrity, who has never compromised on what she believes in, and is the greatest," Nicole said.

Nicole said that when making career decisions, she would literally ask herself the question, "Would Meryl do this, or would Meryl not do this?" Here, Nicole opens up about Meryl's influence on her life—as her friend is overcome by emotion. Plus, Julianne and Oprah share how Meryl's Time magazine cover was a major source of inspiration for them over the years.