Meet the Couple Who Adopted 17 Children with Trauma in Their Pasts

Aired on 04/03/2000 | CC tv-pg
Neenah and Scott Isaacson believe their mission in life is to open their hearts to children in need. Finally, the couple fulfilled their lifelong dream of having a family—by welcoming 17 foster children into their home! Neenah and Scott admit it hasn't always been easy caring for children who have survived unloving and dangerous environments. It takes time, patience and 24/7 monitoring to help the kids work through feelings of fear, betrayal and rage. "It's the hardest thing we've ever done—but yet it's also the most rewarding," Scott says. In 2000, the Isaacsons were featured on The Oprah Show to dispel the idea that adoption isn't worth the risk that comes with introducing a troubled child into your home. As Neenah puts it: "My capacity to love my children increases as each child is added."