Meet Brutus the Grizzly Bear

Aired on 05/15/2009 | CC tv-pg
Casey Anderson, 33, has known Brutus the grizzly bear since he was just a cub. Over time, Casey and Brutus became best friends, doing nearly everything together. Brutus was the best man at Casey's wedding and an occasional guest on Thanksgiving. Now, you might be wondering the same thing Oprah wondered when she first met this unlikely duo: Why was he hanging out with an animal that could easily kill him?

"I'm very aware that he's a grizzly bear and he could swat my head off with one whack, but I respect him," Casey said. "He's my friend. I don't do anything to Brutus that he doesn't want. He's truly the boss. He dictates his life."

Watch as Casey explains his deep bond and the "give-and-take" dynamic with Brutus.

Original airdate: May 15, 2009

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