The Man Who Lived in Constant Fear He Would Kill Someone While Driving

Aired on 03/03/1997 | CC tv-pg
Oprah's audience met Doron during a 1997 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show about obsessive-compulsive disorder. He confessed that he was in constant fear every time he got behind the wheel. Terrified that he would run someone over, he constantly checked under his car to make sure no one was there.

"This is one of my worst nightmares," Doron told Oprah Show cameras as he drove through a parking lot. "I just got to make sure that nobody is under the car, or I'm having a terrible urge to get out of the car and check."

Here, Doron speaks candidly about his OCD and gratefully declares that he's found treatment that has helped free him from its grip.