Living the Trump Life: "I've Got What I Want, and I Love What I Do"

Aired on 02/20/2004 | CC tv-pg
What is an average day like for billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump? In 2004, Oprah Show cameras followed the Donald through his penthouse apartment and numerous business negotiations to get a glimpse into the daily life of the prominent businessman.

"I enjoy my life, and I have a good life, but I'm a worker. I like working much more than I like playing," Donald said as he rode through New York City in his limousine. "I've got what I want, and I love what I do."

Tour his lavish 50-room, $50 million penthouse apartment, watch him put the art of the deal into practice, and catch a ride on his private jet to his opulent beachfront estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Original airdate: February 20, 2009