Kiss Lead Singer Paul Stanley on Groupies: "It's Kind of Like Being at a Buffet"

Aired on 04/15/1988 | CC tv-pg
Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, half of the original lineup of the rock band Kiss, have more than a few sordid stories from their years on the road. In particular, the masked rockers became known for their voracious sexual appetites. "It's really great," Paul said in a 1988 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. "It's kind of like being at a buffet, where everything is laid out, and you don't have to take this or this or this, but it's all there to be eaten if you want it."

In the above video, Paul and Gene explain why they believe sex with groupies is more honest than traditional dating.

Original airdate: April 15, 1988

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