Katherine Heigl on Her Husband: "He Doesn't Expect Me to Be Perfect All the Time"

Aired on 01/23/2008 | CC tv-pg
In a January 2008 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, actress Katherine Heigl was quoted as saying: "As women, we have more of a tendency to be people pleasers. ... I was like that in my early 20s, but not anymore. I knew that dance of trying to please a man, trying to guess what they want you to be, and I got really tired of that."

However, things changed when Katherine, then 29, met musician Josh Kelley on the set of his music video for the single "Only You." In the video above, the actress opens up to Oprah about how it was "the first serious relationship" in which she could be her authentic self, without feeling the pressure to be perfect.

"I'm not perfect," Katherine says. "I'm not always so nice. ... I have my moments, and he never lets me get away with it. But he also doesn't expect me to be perfect all the time."

Here, Katherine reveals how Josh can be very supportive, even when she gets "cold and snippy."

Original airdate: February 1, 2008