J.Lo and Oprah Don't Understand All the '90s Chatter About J.Lo's Butt

Aired on 07/09/1999 | CC
It's safe to say that Jennifer Lopez's butt has become as much of a pop culture icon as the diva herself. Still, back in 1999, during Oprah's conversation with J.Lo on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the two women couldn't understand society's obsession with her derriere. "I have, you know, a large rear, I guess, for the norm," J.Lo told Oprah. "But, you know, for me, it's normal 'cause I grew up in the Bronx, you know?"

Here, the two superstars joke about America's seemingly sudden discovery that women have curves, which Jennifer chalks up to the "Latin explosion" happening at the time.