The Stars of A Different World on How the Show Changed Their Lives

Aired on 11/29/1990 | CC tv-pg
When Jasmine Guy joined the cast of A Different World, she had no idea she would soon be a household name. Her background in theater didn't prepare her for the public scrutiny brought on by appearing on television.

Eventually, she grew to accept the attention. "The public embraces us because we're, like, part of the family," she said. "As opposed to being hounded, it's more like grandmothers grabbing me and going, 'Baby, you looked so cute last night. Red really does suit you.'"

Watch the video above as Jasmine and her co-stars Kadeem Hardison and Sinbad dish on how they really felt about each other when the cameras stopped rolling and how their worlds changed when they landed roles on A Different World.

Original airdate: November 29, 1990

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