Is This "Mom-Turned-Punk Rocker" Having a Midlife Crisis?

Aired on 02/23/1989 | CC tv-pg
Midlife crises take many forms, but what actually constitutes a midlife crisis? In 1989, The Oprah Winfrey Show explored the topic, posing a salient question: Are you in a crisis or merely following your dreams?

Among Oprah's guests that day was Patricia, a former homemaker and full-time mom, who definitely looked different than she did before—sporting a purple leather jacket and an avant-garde hairdo. Yet, Patricia argued that her "theatrical rock 'n' roll" performance was just a return to the art she had pursued before motherhood and had to put on hold for a number of years.

Here, Danielle, Patricia's daughter, opens up about being embarrassed initially but admits that her thoughts are evolving on the topic. Plus, Patricia dispels the myth that a person can have only one narrow identity.